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Renew’s policies will set us on the path to a future where everyone in New England – Black, brown, and white, Indigenous and immigrant – has a safe place to call home, food for their family, and clean air to breathe and water to drink.


We'll put tens of thousands of New Englanders to work building affordable, green homes, running local farms and community gardens, installing rooftop solar panels for low-income households, cleaning up pollution, and slashing the carbon emissions that are causing the climate crisis.

Policy Framework

Build tens of thousands of units of high-quality, green affordable housing and retrofit hundreds of thousands of homes to increase their energy efficiency and install rooftop solar panels, starting with low-income households. Dramatically reduce utility bills for low-income customers and strengthen tenant rights.

Dismantle polluting industries in frontline and overburdened communities, and fund environmental cleanup projects – such as replacing lead pipes – for local residents.

Start a network of urban community gardens and rural farms that pay workers fair wages to grow sustainable, affordable, local food.

Our Immediate Goals for 2021

Our Goals for the Decade and Beyond

Implement a region-wide jobs guarantee, ensuring a good job for everyone who wants one.

Build a network of community health centers across New England, where people can receive free, high-quality medical care, whether or not they have insurance.

Construct large-scale solar and wind farms, without displacing marginalized communities from their land.

Develop a free, high-speed public transportation system connecting each of the New England states and providing frontline communities with convenient access to transit hubs.

Decarbonize our electricity sector by 2030 and our transportation and building sectors by 2040.

Launch a pollution cleanup task force, restoring damaged ecosystems, and removing waste from frontline communities.

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