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We need you with us. Winning a just future takes people power - find out how you can be part of the movement.

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Renew New England Launch

with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, and Movement Leaders

On June 30,  2020, we launched Renew New England’s policy framework. Tune in to our virtual kickoff rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep Ro Khanna, Rev Mariama White-Hammond & Varshini Prakash!

Together, New England states can point the way forward for the rest of the country. We are building a powerful grassroots movement to reimagine New England from the ground up.

A New Model to Win the Change We Need

Now is not the time for small steps or solutions that leave people out. To meet the crises we face, we need to build power.

That's why we’ve assembled a multi-racial, multi-state coalition of local organizers. By working together across our states and sharing the lessons we learn in our home communities, we can win far more than any of us could on our own – and set bold policies for racial, economic, and environmental justice across New England.  

We have the power to ensure that everyone in New England – Black, brown, and white, Indigenous and immigrant – has a dignified job with a liveable wage, can afford a comfortable home and enough food, and can walk or play outside in clean air.

All New Englanders – no matter our backgrounds – want dignified work, a safe place to call home, food for our families, and clean air to breathe and water to drink. But today, in the midst of a pandemic, hundreds of thousands of New Englanders are struggling to make rent and put food on the table, while a wealthy few are getting even richer. 


We deserve better, and we need to join together now to fight for it. 

A better world isn’t just possible, it’s necessary

And it starts with us.





Help Us Transform

New England

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Our Coalition

Renew New England Alliance includes over 150 leading grassroots organizations across New England – including frontline communities, organized labor, Indigenous tribes, environmental justice advocates, youth groups, and racial justice organizations.

Our Policy Framework

We’re building local, grassroots power across the region to win a jobs guarantee, universal healthcare, affordable housing, racial justice, and bold climate action.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

New England has historically been a leader in the fight for progressive change from the first days of our country. And I’m so glad to see organizations in all New England states coming together in the fight for justice – in the fight for environmental justice and combating climate change, in the fight for racial justice, in the fight for social justice, in the fight for economic justice. "

Rep. Ayanna Pressley

Our present and our future will be defined by the success of our intersectional organizing work. As our communities grapple with crises within crises, it is clear that we cannot simply return to ‘normal,’ because ‘normal’ left too many people behind. Renew New England brings together organizations with a long track record of working in partnership with community to fight for equity and justice; I'm glad to be a part of continuing to grow this movement, and centering the voices of those most impacted to usher in a real power shift.”

Naomi Klein

Renew New England is a beacon, inviting us to build the future we all need, together. It is a meeting place of visionary social movements and exciting electoral figures - both new and longstanding. And it is committed to regional solutions that will actually solve the many crises we face, weaving together economic, climate, and racial justice. Renew New England is precisely the coalition this historic moment requires.”

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